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Dr. Karen has more than 15 years of experience in serving in the ministry and marketplace. She has worked as an Educational Consultant & Liaison, Professor, Chicago Public Schools District Manager and Curriculum Developer.

She has served as the youngest and only female Senior Executive Director at New Life Covenant Church Southeast (NLCSE) - with more than 500 leaders, ministers and volunteers under her supervision. After her service in NLCSE, Dr. Karen was the lead project manager and trailblazer in partnership with NLCSE and Common for the only approved Charter School since 2013 - A.I.M Performing Arts Charter School where she also served as the Board President.

In ministry, Dr. Karen is fully aware of her spiritual gifts of leadership and administration. She is an ordained minister and currently serves in Praise Outreach Ministries, where she assists the Senior Pastor in administrative, intercession and church growth roles.

Dr. Karen is commissioned by God to build His Kingdom on Earth, educate and consult in the marketplace. She uses her calling as a prophetic and administrative leader to develop and equip emerging leaders to find their niche in ministry and marketplace. She founded Dr. Karen Ministries, where she implements Ministry and Marketplace teachings and trainings. She ministered in Cape Town, South Africa and trained leaders in the Ministry and Marketplace arenas.

Embracing the core values of growth, innovation and professionalism, she consistently ranks amongst women that are bringing change and expertise to the sectors they serve. She was recently awarded recognition for one of the 40 women under age 40 by the Young Women Profession League for her marketplace and professional achievements. She brings a wealth of expertise with particular strengths in implementing strategic visions that enable individuals, organizations, and communities achieve measurable goals.

As the founder of Chayil Chicago, LLC., her vision is to provide a space for African American women to grow self, support other women, and invest in urban communities. During her spare time, Dr. Karen enjoys traveling and spending time with her daughter.

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